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Blow your Own Shopping Horn

If you are not too tired from the free opening concert kick-off on Friday night (September 20th),  get up early on Saturday and head out to Port Hope’s back door.  Go north up County Road 28 and grab some local produce to nibble on.  Then donate a loony or 2 to The Firefighters Museum (Port Hope) to get your picture taken with the giant robots at Primitive Designs.  Bigger is better at this huge crazy cornucopia of imported and local décor and clothing.  Tired of the “same old”,  you’ll find two floors of truly exotic potential purchases which your neighbours the Jones’ will have a hard time sourcing.

Let’s face it you’ll need to be back in time for the festive “Blow Your  Own Horn Street Party” which starts at 11:15 a.m.  Walton Street will be closed for only an hour so you can enjoy a few live bands and you suss out what the downtown merchants have to offer “Jazz Patrons” before you enter Memorial Park for the first act.  They’re just around the corner and you can return when you need to stretch your legs and satiate that urge to buy everything because of the discounts for “Jazz Patrons”(i.e. you).

And there are even more unique offerings out Port Hope’s “back door”.  There’s Herma’s Fine Foods…a must for those who entertain or those who just want to eat. This large meandering store stocks more varieties of olive oil, cheese and tableware than some of the largest epicurean purveyors in Toronto.  Also check out The New Oak Tree, a vast space filled to the brim with fine Canadian quality oak furniture all custom made to order. They love the “jazz patrons” so much that they will give you a $100 Gift Certificate you can use towards purchases of $500 or over

As you can see you’ll simply have to come to Port Hope before the All Canadian Jazz Festival starts or stay after it’s over.  I haven’t even touched on zip lining through the Northumberland forest or fly fishing on the Ganaraska or walking the lake shores’ nature trails or the architectural tour OR the exquisite cafes and restaurants…

Tickets for the full Festival are selling fast, so you’ll want to get your tickets early. Buy online now, or phone 1-855-713-9310 to place your order.


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