What can you do with a bare light bulb. Coloured Cord Sets are the answer. For the design challenged among us screwing an incandescent bulb into a ceiling socket is about all we can expect to accomplish. For the severally challenged, but design conscious individual, another pair of hands may be needed to help with the clip on shade necessary to hide the glare of a bare bulb. A little design therapy is all you need. Here is a great idea from The Netherlands.

colored cord sets

You know all that costume jewelry you have been saving.  Now you can impress your friends with your good taste by hanging it in places they wouldn’t even think of. This is how they do it in Sweden.  coloured cord sets

How about this for a cheap, cheerful and no skills needed fix for decorating doldrums. colored cord sets

This is how you can do it in Canada. Start with fabric coloured cord sets, ready to plug in, and in a variety of bright shades. We have them, on line and in the store.  ONLY SOURCE IN CANADA $29.95 at dwellissimo.com

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