Recently I came across a blog written by the wife of a confirmed audiophile. I have attempted to extend my sympathies at her unfortunate circumstances and to see whether we might use her comments here. Alas, no response was received. Here is one of her posts, and a link to her blog. Let her know we are looking for her.

Dirty Laundry (posted May 2013)

A while back, The Audiophile added an acoustic feature to our laundry room. As with manyspeakers modern-day laundry rooms, ours is located on the main floor, near the kitchen, for womanly convenience. This, of course, comes at the expense of manly sanity when a load of dungarees with pocket change is cranked up during dinner.

The Audiophile’s solution, as you’ve probably guessed, was a very large sound panel. I can’t tell if this has provided a less fatiguing laundry experience, but I have tried clapping like a maniac to test the sound stage, which serves, if nothing else, as a self-gratifying standing ovation.

The right thing to do would be to put The Listening Chair in there and run an A/B test with and without the panel. I’d need several demo loads of laundry to test all frequencies, and some graph paper to sketch the distortion spectrum. Who knows, maybe I’d be so impressed with the stereo image of the washer and dryer that I’d stop calling laundry a chore and start calling it a hobby.

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