As a World War 1 flying ace, the Sopwith Camel was Snoopy’s plane…. err… doghouse of choice.  On went the helmet, goggles and scarf and Snoopy rode his Camel high into the sky to battle The Red Baron.

Snoopy had other personas; he was a tennis player, a la John McEnroe or he could be the cool dude with the sunglasses, or a hockey player, a figure skater,  a bow tie wearing attorney, or even a Flash Dancer.

World War 1 however, was where he belonged.  He even had a dog food brand labelled “For Dogs who flew in World War I and understand a little French”.  Snoopy apparently understood a little French. He failed his high school geometry course.  He was trying to read War and Peace at the rate of one word a day.  He was a legend in his own mind. He will always be the ace flying the Camel.

This one is for Snoopysopwith

Authentic wood Sopwith Camel propeller 73″ in length with  punched serial numbers around the hub and authentic 1930s maker’s decal.

We couldn’t leave the canine flying ace without a plane so in honour of his French connection we have this

Snoopy's Plane

SPAD VIII in classic French colours



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