Rum and Coca Cola…seems innocuous enough. The thing about research and the internet is the inordinate amount of detours ( ).  It takes so long to get where you are going ( .   I finally got to rum, and from there to Capt. Jack Sparrow, but I digress.

Rum and Coca Cola is a Calypso tune penned in 1942 by Rupert Grant, aka Lord Invader, a well known Trinidadian calypso musician.  The song was made famous by the Andrews Sisters in 1945.D- Vintage African Rhum LabelLGx

 A law suit ensued. The lyrics had been pirated and laundered to soften the references to American soldiers using local women and girls for their own pleasure.  You will find Lord Invader and the original lyrics here  

All this in a vain attempt to get some background on this RHUM label, which I have now decided must have been produced for a distillery in a French speaking colony, so think   Martinique, Haiti, Guadelope.   I’m exhausted!  I have shared the product of my extensive and totally unproductive research, so in the words of rum runner, Jack Sparrow, “The rum is gone. Why is all the rum gone”.

This  Rhum label has great graphics,  and is professionally framed, and is one of a series of early advertising graphics which you will find in the store.  $85.00  Cheers!

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