The Playoffs are over, hockey fans (particularly Leafs fans) are in a deep funk, and in need of a little something to tide them over until the first game on October 1st. This rare piece of Canadiana should satisfy even the most discriminating hockey fan and go a long way to relieving “I ain’t got no hockey blues”.

Les Canadiens

In 1977 “Les Canadiens” played in Toronto but not at the fabled Maple Leaf Gardens. “Les Canadiens” was in fact a theatrical production written by Rick Salutin with an assist from Ken Dryden.  This is an incredibly rare screen printed poster from that Toronto Workshop Production (we challenge you to find another).  Les Canadiens celebrates the legendary Quebecois hockey team while exploring the history of Quebec’s “face-off” with the rest of Canada. Set during the years 1759 – 1976 from the Plains of Abraham to centre ice at The Montreal Forum, and staged almost entirely “on the ice”, this funny, fast-paced look at Canadian identities uses hockey as a brilliant gloves-off metaphor for the rise of Quebec nationalism.

$375.00 framed




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