dw4If you’ve been to our store, Dwellissimo, you’re probably aware that we like to play a little music to enhance (hopefully) the experience of your visit. Most if not all of the music we play here is music that will probably never see the light of day on a commercial radio’s playlist. That in itself is not a bad thing as we all know that commercial radio’s sole purpose is to appeal to the lowest common denominator a.k.a. “the largest audience” in order to create advertising revenue. They need to play music with obvious “hooks” that don’t require a large attention span. No time for subtleties on commercial radio. No time for uniqueness. We feel Dwellissimo customers are people who are seeking uniqueness. Our customers are shopping at Dwellissimo because they’re looking for something different. They can go anywhere for the obvious stuff. So as it is with furniture or lighting or art, it is with music. We like to dig a little deeper and we like to mix it up a little. We don’t adhere to any single given genre. We enjoy providing uniqueness. At Dwellissimo, you might hear jazz or folk or blues or soul or some hybrid combination of them all. You might hear the new and lesser known or you might hear the old and obscure. We don’t discriminate. We like it all. And since we seem to get fairly regular inquiries from our customers about the music we’re playing, we thought we’d share some of it with you. So from time to time we’re going to post a couple of recommendations for you and hopefully these recommendations will introduce you to some really cool music that maybe you hadn’t heard before.

One of our current favorites is LAKE STREET DIVE. This is a quartet of formally trained musicians (New England Conservatory of Music) who create a unique blend of pop meets jazz meets soul meets folk music. Check out their cover of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back“. That’s right, I said “The Jackson 5” and performed on a street corner no less! Check it out. It’s not what you expect. Lake Street Dive also appear in the oustanding T-Bone Burnett/Coen Bros. produced music doc ANOTHER DAY/ANOTHER TIME: CELEBRATING THE MUSIC OF “INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS”. You can watch it on Netflix. It’s time well worth investing if you’re a music person.

Finally, sometimes all a person really needs a funky, soulful helping of Hammond B3 organ. And for that, we turn to “Brother” Jack McDuff (1926-2001). Hear him perform “Hotcha” from 1966 here.

So although we’ve mentioned only a couple of artists here, we hope that we’ve at least provided a starting point for a rewarding journey. You’re just a few clicks away from experiencing so much more new and interesting music and re-discovering some outstanding older stuff. So set sail! You just never know where you’ll end up. And please, when you do make that great discovery, don’t forget to share it with us!

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