David Stone Martin.  Anyone who knows the store knows what huge fans we are of:

Jazz albums

a) Music

b) Graphics

c) the marriage of both

It comes as no surprise to us that DWELL magazine, in a recent post, also recognizes great art when they see it. And we can certainly appreciate the beautiful limited edition David Stone Martin album art prints available from jazzartz.com that were featured in the DWELL post. After all, we’ve be acquiring and framing these same images for well over 10 years. Our images, however, are not just images. We frame the the actual record album complete with the original records inside. Some of these recordings are approaching 70 years of age and should be recognized as historical artifacts of recorded music, deserving of display and deserving of preservation. Displayed as art and preserved as artifact.

Over the years we have had many complete vintage jazz albums each having fabulous graphics by the likes of Alex Steinweiss, Saki, Arthur Goldreich, Jim Flora, Ruth Gikow and many unnamed artists. Your interest may be piqued by a visit to Birka Jazz, possibly the best archive of vintage Jazz album art on the net.

We did a post about album art and David Stone Martin some time ago. You can find it here.







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