Used to be that dining room and kitchen chairs matched… they were a set. Mismatched dining chairs are in. Attitudes are changing and I have noticed the idea of matched dining room chairs or for that matter matched anything, seems to be leaving the building. Dining rooms may have a limited lifespan. I am rethinking the very co-ordinated approach to my dining room, pictured below.


I rather like the idea creating more warmth using a mix of chair styles. This winter seems so long and cold and white. It feels as though green may never appear. So time for a little warmth and colour. Ideas follow in increasing degrees of warmth.

mismatched dining chairs5

mismatched dining chairs

mismatched dining chairsabigail ahearn

Auction finds, recycle stores, Kijiji, Craig’s list or scouring the many used furniture stores outside the city should serve up enough chairs to do the job.

mismatched dining chairs6

Maybe a can of paint might be in order…..

mismatched dining chairs10

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or maybe not

mismatched dining chairs8

We happen to have a variety of chairs in the store including the Xback chairs pictured above. Currently everything is 30% of regular prices. Sale ends March 31st

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