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Tough to Compete with the Easter Bunny

There really is no competing with the Easter Bunny but Float Your Fanny will give the Bunny a run for his money this year. Due to the really unfortunate weather conditions this year, Port Hope’s spring entertainment was delayed by two weeks and is currently scheduled for

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Of Horns and Hammonds – The Music of Dwellissimo

If you’ve been to our store, Dwellissimo, you’re probably aware that we like to play a little music to enhance (hopefully) the experience of your visit. Most if not all of the music we play here is music that will probably never see the light of day

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Jazz – What I Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Me

It’s funny how cruising the internet sometimes takes you down a rabbit hole to the oddest places. Jazz music is something I never quite warmed up to. Never quite understood what seemed to me to be the rather erratic nature of the beast. I try to be receptive

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The Audiophile’s Wife

Recently I came across a blog written by the wife of a confirmed audiophile. I have attempted to extend my sympathies at her unfortunate circumstances and to see whether we might use her comments here. Alas, no response was received. Here is one of her posts, and

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TAKIN’ THE EH TRAIN (to Port Hope!)

ALL CANADIAN JAZZ FESTIVAL, an annual event for the past 11 years in Port Hope, Ontario.  The only exclusively Canadian Jazz and Blues Festival invites you to the 2013 Launch party to celebrate this year’s performers and to give you an opportunity to hear the phenomenal 11

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Rum and Coca Cola…seems innocuous enough. The thing about research and the internet is the inordinate amount of detours ( ).  It takes so long to get where you are going ( .   I finally got to rum, and from there to Capt. Jack Sparrow, but

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