Early Hans Wegner ML-33 Chair

Dwellissimo has recently acquired an early Hans Wegner ML-33 Rocking Chair. Designed by the iconic Hans Wegner (1914-2007) and manufactured by master cabinet maker Mikael Laursen. This chair made its’ debut in 1942 at a design exhibition in Denmark. The chair is one of Wegner’s earliest production pieces and

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Dining Chairs – end of a match

CHAIRS – THE END OF A MATCH Used to be that dining room and kitchen chairs matched… they were a set. Mismatched dining chairs are in. Attitudes are changing and I have noticed the idea of matched dining room chairs or for that matter matched anything, seems

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Auction Finds – Lose Your Fear of Flying

On the subject of furniture design, great design does not always have to carry an expensive price tag, particularly if you are prepared to spend a little time sourcing.  Lose your fear of flying and spend some time in auction houses both in person and on line.

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“Benched”, past participle, past tense of bench (Verb) can be used in a number of ways and does not always mean kicked to the sidelines (not to be confused with curb). When you live with a woodworker there are definite pluses and minuses.  You get used to being benched.

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FEELING BLUE – Vintage Canadian Design

  Canadian Design in Ontario. Know where Orono is? It’s about 1 hour northeast of Toronto, in rural Ontario. Not exactly the place where you would think to find leading edge furniture design of the 1960’s. Curveply and the Nesting Furniture Company were located across the highway

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Good News Port Hope

Sometimes you have to blow your own horn.  Port Hope has been voted one of Canada’s best destinations  Port Hope is filled with interesting shops, great attractions, and has some of the best events going.   This is no time to be self conscious about self promotion

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