Of Horns and Hammonds – The Music of Dwellissimo

If you’ve been to our store, Dwellissimo, you’re probably aware that we like to play a little music to enhance (hopefully) the experience of your visit. Most if not all of the music we play here is music that will probably never see the light of day

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Dining Chairs – end of a match

CHAIRS – THE END OF A MATCH Used to be that dining room and kitchen chairs matched… they were a set. Mismatched dining chairs are in. Attitudes are changing and I have noticed the idea of matched dining room chairs or for that matter matched anything, seems

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Auction Finds – Lose Your Fear of Flying

On the subject of furniture design, great design does not always have to carry an expensive price tag, particularly if you are prepared to spend a little time sourcing.  Lose your fear of flying and spend some time in auction houses both in person and on line.

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Jazz – What I Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Me

It’s funny how cruising the internet sometimes takes you down a rabbit hole to the oddest places. Jazz music is something I never quite warmed up to. Never quite understood what seemed to me to be the rather erratic nature of the beast. I try to be receptive

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Blinded By The Light

Topping the list of the most misquoted song lyrics,  you don’t have to be “blinded by the light” of bare light bulbs anymore.  Apartment Therapy loves them. Sculptural, warm white light, not that cold blue florescent glow that has driven us from those horrible energy efficient replacements for incandescent

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