Rare “LES CANADIENS” Poster …We Hab It!

The Playoffs are over, hockey fans (particularly Leafs fans) are in a deep funk, and in need of a little something to tide them over until the first game on October 1st. This rare piece of Canadiana should satisfy even the most discriminating hockey fan and go

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David Stone Martin.  Anyone who knows the store knows what huge fans we are of: a) Music b) Graphics c) the marriage of both It comes as no surprise to us that DWELL magazine, in a recent post, also recognizes great art when they see it. And we can certainly appreciate

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ME AND MRS. JONES – We Got A Thing Goin’ On

The biography of Canadian contemporary printmaker  Margaret Jones remains a bit of a mystery to us. A number of years ago we were fortunate enough to acquire a large portfolio of approximately 100 of her prints. Abstract in style, all of these prints are mono or single prints.

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FEELING BLUE – Vintage Canadian Design

  Canadian Design in Ontario. Know where Orono is? It’s about 1 hour northeast of Toronto, in rural Ontario. Not exactly the place where you would think to find leading edge furniture design of the 1960’s. Curveply and the Nesting Furniture Company were located across the highway

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www.dwellissimo.com Affordable, creative,  Canadian Design is our thing.This product ticks all the boxes and is versatile to boot. Two sizes from one product, with the larger shade having a 24″ diameter. Otra’s products give waste a second life. Their products are entirely hand-made in Canada, using recycled cardboard

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