Colour Me Dead

In our neighborhood there seems to be a pronounced decrease in the number of little kiddies dressing up in homemade costumes and trick or treating.  My brother-in-law used to offer a small tipple to parents as a consolation prize and to ward off the chill of the

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Cardboard Safari Trophies for the Urban Hunter

From Cardboard Safari.  We call them Trophies for the Urban Hunter.  Your thumb and forefinger are the only weapons you will need to put one of these trophies on your wall. Being Canadian we tend to favour (not favor) Fred the Moose.   Made from environmentally friendly,

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Rare “LES CANADIENS” Poster …We Hab It!

The Playoffs are over, hockey fans (particularly Leafs fans) are in a deep funk, and in need of a little something to tide them over until the first game on October 1st. This rare piece of Canadiana should satisfy even the most discriminating hockey fan and go

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ME AND MRS. JONES – We Got A Thing Goin’ On

The biography of Canadian contemporary printmaker  Margaret Jones remains a bit of a mystery to us. A number of years ago we were fortunate enough to acquire a large portfolio of approximately 100 of her prints. Abstract in style, all of these prints are mono or single prints.

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What man can resist a little head. When your man mentions little and head in the same sentence…give him one of these instead.  Trophy Heads made for the Urban Hunter come in three sizes…. teenie-weenie, average, and wishful thinking. Made by Cardboard Safari using recycled cardboard, natural,

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