Canadian Contemporary Printmaker, Margaret Jones

The biography of Canadian contemporary printmaker  Margaret Jones remains a bit of a mystery to us. A number of years ago we were fortunate enough to acquire a large portfolio of approximately 100 of her prints. Abstract in style, all of these prints are mono or single prints. Some were signed and dated. Many were marked as only as single prints. A few were even titled. The dated prints span from 1968 to 1973 but all of the prints appear to be from this same period. Little is known about Margaret Jones. We were able to find mention of her in a newspaper article that was archived at the National Gallery in Ottawa. The article noted that she had won the top printer award at the 1971-72 Toronto Outdoor Art Festival. Another little bit of information was obtained from Canadian contemporary printmaker and artist, John Leonard. One of Mr. Leonards prints from this same era was found in the portfolio of the Margaret Jones prints. Mr. Leonard, when contacted, seemed to remember her being associated with the Jack Pollock Gallery in Toronto which also explained the inclusion of a couple of Jack Pollock Gallery exhibit posters found amongst her work. We would like to know more about this artist, so if any of our readers have information to share, we would like to hear from you. If you would like to view the Margaret Jones Collection, we still have a few on display and available for purchase here at Dwellissimo. Come in and pay us a visit.

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