Cardboard Safari Trophies for the Urban Hunter

From Cardboard Safari.  We call them Trophies for the Urban Hunter.  Your thumb and forefinger are the only weapons you will need to put one of these trophies on your wall. Being Canadian we tend to favour (not favor) Fred the Moose.   Made from environmentally friendly,

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 PORT HOPE……. THROUGH THE BACK DOOR Buy your tickets now Visit to buy tickets for the headliners as well as day passes for our great afternoon programs.Save $5 per ticket now Until September 9th, tickets for  the All-Canadian Legends concert are $40 (regular price is $45). and  day passes for

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The Audiophile’s Wife

Recently I came across a blog written by the wife of a confirmed audiophile. I have attempted to extend my sympathies at her unfortunate circumstances and to see whether we might use her comments here. Alas, no response was received. Here is one of her posts, and

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The United Colours of Dwellissimo

What can you do with a bare light bulb. Coloured Cord Sets are the answer. For the design challenged among us screwing an incandescent bulb into a ceiling socket is about all we can expect to accomplish. For the severally challenged, but design conscious individual, another pair

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Rare “LES CANADIENS” Poster …We Hab It!

The Playoffs are over, hockey fans (particularly Leafs fans) are in a deep funk, and in need of a little something to tide them over until the first game on October 1st. This rare piece of Canadiana should satisfy even the most discriminating hockey fan and go

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TAKIN’ THE EH TRAIN (to Port Hope!)

ALL CANADIAN JAZZ FESTIVAL, an annual event for the past 11 years in Port Hope, Ontario.  The only exclusively Canadian Jazz and Blues Festival invites you to the 2013 Launch party to celebrate this year’s performers and to give you an opportunity to hear the phenomenal 11

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