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Blinded By The Light

Topping the list of the most misquoted song lyrics,  you don’t have to be “blinded by the light” of bare light bulbs anymore.  Apartment Therapy loves them. Sculptural, warm white light, not that cold blue florescent glow that has driven us from those horrible energy efficient replacements for incandescent

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The United Colours of Dwellissimo

What can you do with a bare light bulb. Coloured Cord Sets are the answer. For the design challenged among us screwing an incandescent bulb into a ceiling socket is about all we can expect to accomplish. For the severally challenged, but design conscious individual, another pair

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On first glance,  Egg of Columbus is a deceiving name to give to a light fixture.   It is a genius idea for environmentally friendly lighting. The lamp’s name refers to a tale about Christopher Columbus.  He challenged some of his critics to stand an egg on

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Good News Port Hope

Sometimes you have to blow your own horn.  Port Hope has been voted one of Canada’s best destinations  Port Hope is filled with interesting shops, great attractions, and has some of the best events going.   This is no time to be self conscious about self promotion

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  A few photos of  DWELLISSIMO  

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Only Steps Away

Danforth Station – You’re only a Step Away! from Limelight on Vimeo.  

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